The word Millennial is often misused. They are not teenagers anymore.

Millennials, as we call them, were born from 1981 to 1996. That would make their ages between 39 to 24.

Many of them now have jobs, kids, and mortgages. Most of them have become responsible adults.

Millennials, especially the more well-to-do ones, are also now on the move. Many of them who grew up in the big city have had enough and are looking for smaller towns to raise their families.

Of the top 10 states where Millennials are moving, five states are in the West and four are in the South.

New Jersey is at the top of the list, though the rest of the states are far less populated than New Jersey. But New Jersey seems small when compared to New York State, so you can see why they would prefer Jersey as "a simpler place."

The top 10 states Millennials are moving to according to SmartAsset are:

10. Tennessee
9. Arizona
8. Idaho
7. Oregon
6. New Jersey
5. North Carolina
4. Florida
3. Texas
2. Colorado
1. Washington

Notice that Wyoming did not make the list. They are picking places that have more people and more infrastructure. In some cases they are still picking higher taxed states and places that still have a higher cost of living in general.

What they are doing is moving out of the big cities. What they are not doing is moving so far out into the country that there are not any cities.Sounds like this might be for our benefit, if they're coming from bigger cities to start.

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