I'd be mad!   Wonder if they'll correct the mistake?   Here's what happened on Monday night's "Million Dollar Money Drop" on Fox...

On Monday night's 'Million Dollar Money Drop,' a couple lost nearly a million dollars on a single question.   But now the game show is in the center of controversy because the couple lost $800,000 despite seemingly giving the correct answer.

On the show, teams of two begin each game with $1 million in cash. The teams then risk that money by placing the cash on trap doors that correspond to up to four possible answers for each question. If they put any money on a wrong answer, the cash goes down a chute and is out of play. Teams can put money on multiple answers, but one trap door must be left free of cash.

Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayi bet on which product was sold in stores first: the Macintosh computer, the Sony Walkman or Post-It notes. The pair was convinced the answer was Post-Its but lost $800,000 when host Kevin Pollack told them their answer was incorrect.

However, according to Gawker, their original answer was right all along.

According to the show, the Walkman was first sold in 1979, followed by Post-Its in 1980. However, Post-Its were actually sold in select cities starting in 1977. It's not clear whether Fox will correct the mistake.

via Couple on Game Show Loses $800,000 for Answering Question Correctly | PopEater.com.