Rihanna loves being naked, and she loves other girls joining in on the fun, too. The oft-topless Bajan beauty popped into a Miami strip club and spent $8,000 on dancers to see how they moved to her own songs!

Sources at the King of Diamonds strip joint in Miami told TMZ that RiRi stopped in during the wee hours on Sunday morning. Rihanna made it rain, paying special attention to one particular dancer named Remy Redd, who's infamous for her bodacious badonkadonk.

The 'Diamonds' singer hung out for over two hours -- and BFF Katy Perry apparently popped in, too. Because friends don't let friends drop rubber bands alone!

There were rumors of a rift because Perry disapproved of Rihanna's reunion with Chris Brown, and as early as last month Perry's own ex John Mayer was rumored to be hitting on Rih.

Two of the most mind numbingly hot women on the planet plus strippers? Someone call the fire department, because it had to be burning up in there.

UPDATE: Katy Perry was not there. She tweets: