Rihanna, covered up in a black and white checkered Grand Prix-looking jacket and wrapped in leather leggings, performed a soulful version of 'What Now' on 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' in the U.K. She also sat down with the host for a discussion in which she addressed her non-ironic mullet hairstyle.

You can watch her gorgeous rendition of the 'Unapologetic' song above.

As for her chit chat with the Chatty Man?

"I love black hair on me and I love it and I love to cut it short and to be edgy and have fun with it," she said. "This time I put a tail in the back and it's become more like a mullet. And I happen to love it."

The cheeky Brit car joked that it looks like her stylist walked away mid cut. Then RiRi admitted that the hair is "attached."

Later, Carr said it's ironic that she is designing clothes for River Island since she hardly wears any. Zing!

The second part of the interview discusses her party lifestyle and sex life, which we already told you about.

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