Jay-Z knows how to pick 'em! We're not just talking about in his personal life, either (though really, ladies don't get any finer than Beyonce). We're talking about the soundtrack picks for 'The Great Gatsby,' which Hov himself scored.

The latest track to hit the web is a contribution from Aussie chanteuse and songwriter Sia, called 'Kill and Run.'


The song may sound somewhat similar to Lana Del Rey's track on the album, 'Young and Beautiful.' It's sweeping, at times soaring, dramatic and melancholy throughout. Whether or not 'Kill and Run' made it onto the soundtrack, it was pretty much made for a movie. Sia's voice roars, "Kill and run / Kill and run," and she describes "dirty guns." Whether they're euphemisms or literal is up for interpretation, but whatever Sia means, you can tell she really means it.

'The Great Gatsby’ soundtrack will be released on May 7th, with the film gracing theaters on May 10th. To avoid spoilers, we won't tell you which scene we think Sia's song will fit best in!

Listen to Sia, 'Kill and Run'