Of all things I have done in my life, skydiving was the greatest and most exhilarating  experience I have ever had.

I was in Las Vegas last month for a friend's wedding and another friend of mine had the idea to go skydiving while we were there. Skydiving was something I have always wanted to do, so this was a perfect opportunity. My friend contacted Vegas Extreme Skydiving, a very reputable skydiving company in Las Vegas. We woke up at 7:00 AM to catch the bus to the facility. At this stage, I had an idea what I had gotten myself into but had no idea what I was in for. We watched a safety video during the 20 minute drive to the facility, which mainly explained the dangers of the activity i was about to participate in. The video made me a little nervous, but not enough to discourage me.

For first time jumpers, you are required to do a "tandem jump".  Meaning you are attached to an instructor and all you have to do is enjoy the rush without worrying about pulling or controlling the chute.

Once we arrived at Vegas Extreme, we had a little down time to hang out while a few groups went ahead of us. We could see the anxiety and anticipation on the face of the people who were getting suited up and getting ready for their jump. It was awesome (and reassuring) to see those people return from their jump with the biggest smiles on their faces.

Finally, our turn arrived. I cant really give a good explanation of the waves of different emotions that were flowing through me. Just know, that there were many.  Knowing what I was going to be doing was enough to make me anxious, but the lack of knowing what it was actually going to be like was a little scary. There isn't much more I can say that the video above doesn't show.

I will close with this - The feeling you get when you are falling at 120 MPH is indescribably the best sensation I have ever felt.  I would recommend this to anyone and I cannot wait to go again!