In a shocking move caught on surveillance camera, Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles is reportedly seen attacking Jay Z in an elevator after the three left the Met Gala last week (May 5). The jaw-dropping footage, which has been obtained by TMZ, shows Solange wildly lashing out, punching and kicking Jay Z while a bodyguard attempts to hold her back.

TMZ reports the surveillance footage shows Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange all entering the elevator at the Standard Hotel in NYC, after a Met Gala after-party last week. Solange starts yelling at Jay Z and getting in his face before she begins brutally attacking him, pushing and punching him as the bodyguard wraps his arms around her in an attempt to get her to stop. However, she keeps screaming at him, thrashing her legs and kicking him as he tries to defend himself. Beyonce does not get involved in the terrifying altercation.

Another video, also posted by TMZ, shows the three leaving the hotel. Solange is seen looking angry as she and Beyonce get into one car and Jay Z gets into another. You can watch that video here.

No word yet on what led to Solange's vicious attack on her brother-in-law. Earlier in the night, Beyonce and Jay Z were looking happier than ever as they adorably re-enacted a marriage proposal on the red carpet.

Watch the shocking footage above.

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