But first, let me take another look at this study.

How much do we know about that little device in our hands? Seriously. We use it every single day to connect with loved ones, stay up to date, stalk our ex... but what do we really know about the makeup of this phone? For instance, how is that phone affecting your health? Forget mental health for a moment and think about your physical well-being or even your physical appearance.Could your phone be giving you wrinkles, dark spots, or aging you prematurely?

One study says yes.

A beauty expert across the pond says that several patients, who happen to be bloggers (ohhhh, this is why they ask for your occupation when you fill out those doctor forms) or regular selfie-takers, have been coming in complaining about the state of their skin. After an examination Sara Cheeney, a trained nurse practitioner, finds that they are suffering from accelerated skin cell damage.

She believes that excess selfies and premature aging of the skin are linked.

Her thought is that the electromagnetic blue light rays that are emitted from our phones are the culprit. This blue light has been to blame for many other things like eye strain and interrupted sleep cycles. Sara can also identify which hand these people use to take their selfies, based on which side of their skin has more damage.

Kinda makes you want to ask someone to take your photos now, huh?

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