Tourists have been an increasingly atrocious part of Wyoming news, especially when it comes to aggravating wild animals at our state park. Surf Wyoming has now introduced a new shirt that totally captures the essence of these tourons (as we so affectionately refer to them).

This new Yellowstone-inspired tee features a pretty accurate rendition of the artwork featured on the bottom of a buffalo warning sign found at the park and on other park media (pictured below).

Buffalo Warning Sign - Yellowstone Nation Park

The other hilarious thing about this particular shirt is its website identifier name, which reads: Wyoming, America's Petting Zoo.

If you haven't seen the latest video of tourists being attacked by animals in Yellowstone (which I'm about 99.99% sure sparked this new clothing item), click here to view the alarming footage of a 9-year-old Florida girl being tossed in the air by a bison.

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