I think this might be the only time it is appropriate to ask, "what are you wearing?"

It seems like the idea of "casual Fridays" has been traded in for "casual all-days." I'm someone who likes to get dressed up and try to look presentable in any situation. Well, except for early Sunday mornings at the grocery store since that is just screaming for sweatpants.

In 2019, it looks like dressing in business attire for you job is a memory only to be found in the company scrapbook. A recent survey actually found that 57 percent of the average American's weekly wardrobe is casual and a whopping 78 percent of people say that their offices are trending toward the casual look.

It doesn't seem to like a lack of motivation is to blame here. In fact, it's the opposite. 82 percent of people surveyed believe they are more productive when they are comfortable in their clothes. Many even admitted that they would pass up a $5,000 pay raise if they could have a casual dress code around the office.

Is a casual dress code a step in the right direction for productivity or is it a slippery slope toward being unprofessional?

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