You better enjoy every moment of this weekend because the clock is ticking.

There is no greater feeling each and every week than clocking out on a Friday, knowing you don't have to be back until Monday. There's so much relief, hope, and happiness during at this moment. These feelings are only matched by the dread, anxiety and stress that tend to greet us at the end of the weekend.

These are called the "Sunday Scaries."

And now, according to a recent survey, we know exactly when to expect these unwelcome feelings. The survey found that the majority (88 percent) of Americans feel work-week stress on a Sunday. Based on the responses, the survey pinpoints 3:58 p.m. as the time these feelings set in.

For me, that's a good five hours before I go to bed.

That's time wasted! And when you couple that with the work we tend to do over the weekend we're losing a lot of precious "me" time. The average American just can't seem to leave work at work. The survey found that the biggest work-related tasks we complete on the weekend are checking email, running through presentations, and work-related phone calls.

What's worse is that we're not just losing our Sundays to work-related stress. We also lose a good chunk of Friday as we wast about two hours trying to let go of our work responsibilities after we leave the office. Maybe our biggest resolution this year should be setting some healthy boundaries when it comes to our job.

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