New Years Resolutions

Best Wyoming Cities for New Year’s Resolutions
New Year's resolutions are a time honored tradition of self improvement.  But does the added - where you live - help or hurt your chances of success? just released its survey of the best places to actually stick to your resolution based on each community's metrics to figu…
Easy New Years Saving Plan
It's about time to start with the New Years resolutions. Whether you want to eat more healthy, stop smoking or workout more, one thing everyone wants is to have and/or save more money.
DJ Nyke’s Top 5 New Years Resolutions [POLL]
As is the tradition of the bringing in the New Year, it is customary to have a few resolutions. I'm proud to say I have actually stopped smoking (which in my opinion was the hardest thing to stop) and I drink a lot less alcohol, so I figured I'd tackle some other points of self interest.