There have been several videos on the web that have gone viral. Some are gross, most are amusing, and rarely they are even educational. But sometimes you just wonder how did that make it so big (Psy - Gangnam Style immediately comes to mind). Every now and again though, you come across one that's just plain fun. That is the case here with this video of a South African street perfomer/marionette master. Having never scene puppets move with such life-like accuracy and agility, I found myself a little guilty of being jealous of their dancing prowess. But at the same time, I couldn't deny the joy of watching them go at it! Eat your heart Jeff Dunham... Let's see Peanut do that!!!

No matter how hard I tried, goggled, & wiki-ed, I couldn't find the puppet master's name, face or verify 100% where in South Africa he was located, but I did manage to procure the artist name and the title of the catchy tune to which the puppets danced. It's South African DJ/musician: Bojo Mujo - Straight Forward. The song is just as fun as the puppets bumping & grinding. Dancing with the Stars performers better watch out!