There are reports that a record number of California residents are fleeing their state. Many in the states where they are seeking a new home fear this trend which has ignited a "Don't California My State" campaign and it is now officially in Wyoming, too.

It's no secret that some in Wyoming are not exactly fans of California. It's consistently listed as the state Wyomingites hate the most. Hate is such a strong word.

Wyoming News just reported that there's a billboard in Cody that reads "Don't California My Cody". It's not just Wyoming. You can add Texas, Idaho, Florida, Colorado and others to that list.

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The Wyoming News article mentions that many in Cody are not fans of the anti-California propaganda. According to their report, many in the community don't mind Californians relocating to Cody or any other city in Wyoming. It's the fear that they will want to try and change the culture that many in Wyoming love and want to preserve.

Zippia shared a map recently that shows California is still a top 5 hated state across the country. I still say that hate is a strong word. Can't we all just get along?

The new billboard in Cody has started a real debate about the current of discontent that some locals feel when they see California plates looking for homes. Are they really here to change Wyoming or looking to flee the California that many here disagree with? Time will tell.

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