This list of the Least Healthy Cities In Every State has us looking in the mirror.

I'm willing to be that many people make an effort to live healthier lives in the new year. For me, I want to tackle my habit of celebrating or comforting myself with food. This usually leads to overeating and consuming too many calories/sugar and ultimately leaves me feeling terrible. That's one small change that I can make to be healthier.

Casper may have to work a little harder.

That's right. According to, Casper is the least healthy city in the state of Wyoming. The website looks a unhealthy variables like smoking, obesity, premature death and even being uninsured to compile their list of the Least Healthy City in Every State. Casper boasts a higher smoking average than the national average. This could be the reason Casper also has a premature death rate that also supersedes the national average.

Here are Casper's numbers in each category measured by MSN:

Premature Death Rate: 407.7 per 100,000 residents

Adult Obesity Rate: 29.4%

Uninsured Rate: 17.2%

Adult Smoking Rate: 19.2%

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