Rappers seem to get into legal trouble all the time, although I personally believe it gets blown out of portion often. I mean, look at how many legal woes Justin Bieber has been in this year. And we won't even start on the rock musicians. But regardless, it appears Drake caused the Toronto Raptors to be fined $25,000 by the NBA for apparently violating a "tampering" policy. The above less-than-30-second video shows the violation. In the video, which takes place during Drake's OVO Fest in Canada, he stated:

You know, my brother Kevin Durant was kind enough to come to the show tonight and watch us. I just want him to see what would happen if he came to play in Toronto. Let him know what would happen.”


Of course this was followed by chants from the audience screaming "KD". Now because Durant won't be a free agent for another 2 years and Drake is the Global Brand Ambassador for the Raptors, although petty, I can see why the NBA fined the Raptors. The crazy thing is the NBA offered to drop the fine if the Raptors released Drake.

That wasn't going to happen. Drake is an icon for his country and one of the top-selling musical artists out right now period. The revenue he is bringing to the Raptors is probably and quite literally worth 1000 times the amount of that fine. It's no wonder the rumor mills and conspiracy theorists are in an uproar right now.