In my lifetime I've been lucky enough to celebrate New Year's Eve in some fantastic locations. Nashville, TN, Panama City Beach, FL, St. Louis, MO, and the California coast to name a few, but I'm more excited about ringing in the New Year in Wyoming.

Celebrating the New Year gives us all a clean slate with 12 new months to dominate. At midnight the song "Auld Lang Sine" will ring out across the world bidding farewell to 2021 and welcoming in 2022.

New Year's Eve in Wyoming has a New York City flare, as a ball drops at midnight to welcome in the new year. The Depot Plaza in Cheyenne is the place to see the Wyoming version of the ball drop. A few thousand people will gather and usher in 2022.

Cheyenne's not the only place in Wyoming to celebrate the new year. Casper has many celebrations including the 40th Anniversary New Year's Eve party at the Ford Wyoming Center.

Sheridan is ready to rock this year to celebrate 2022 with multiple events.

Jackson has live music and parties around town.

 Cheyenne and New York City drop the ball, but aren't the only places that 'drop' something at midnight.

Plymouth, Wisconsin drops an 80 pound wedge of cheese.

Nashville, Tennessee drops an 80 foot guitar.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma drops an olive into a martini glass

Panama City Beach, Florida drops an 800 pound beach ball

The celebrations vary across the entire world but one thing is for sure, people go wild for the stroke of midnight.

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