As we approach the end of the 2020, the Casper Police Department wants to make sure that safety is our top priority this holiday season.

The official Casper Police Department Facebook page shared the following video urging residents to "Make A Safe New Year's Eve Plan Today".

In addition to the video, the Casper PD also posted these tips:

Whether you are celebrating at home or safely out on the town, now is the time to think – not after you’ve been drinking.
✔️ Designate a sober driver
✔️ Download the Uber or Lyft app and have a profile ready to go
✔️ If you’re at a Natrona County bar or restaurant, call Natrona County Safe Ride for a FREE ride home at 307-266-7233.
You have options. Never drive impaired.

We reported earlier this month (December 3rd, 2020), that Wyoming has one of the highest DUI rates in the entire country.

Here's our chance to to end 2020 correctly and bring in 2021 the right way, by getting home safely.

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