Are you ready for the ultimate in virtual reality, video gaming? It's about time someone made this a reality. The Void is everything you love about video games and movies, rolled into one! Imagine playing laser tag indoors, but with a complete Halo-like environment to interact with, along with other real players. Maybe shoot-em-ups isn't your thing. How about a Dungeons & Dragons meets Lord of The Rings fantasy adventure? Still not your style? How about a jet fighter flight simulator? All of these would be possible with The Void's Virtual Entertainment Centers(VECs).

Their website boasts these VECs will be coming to major cities throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. All I can do is hope and pray Denver is in the market for one. I can think of nothing more fun. All the joy of playing a video game, with the feel of actually living the experience! The Void has been compared the holodecks of Star Trek and the danger room in  X-Men... both of which are very astute comparisons.

No price tag has been sen yet, but for 30 minutes at one of these VECs, I'd be willing to give up a few weeks pay!