Doctor Brittany Myers, 30, is the newest member of the Women's Health Associates team. She has openings and space for immediate consults and is fresh from training; she's up on the latest techniques and protocols.

Originally from Cody, Wyoming, Myers moved back to the Cowboy State after completing her OB/GYN residency at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

She brought her Kentucky-born husband with her to explore the beautiful west with a lot of hiking and camping trips.

Dr. Myers is excited to have returned to her home state to serve the women of Wyoming. She provides full spectrum women's healthcare and has special interest in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, both laparoscopic and robotic.

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For Myers, gynecology runs in her blood. "Must've been genetic," she told k2radio news, because her dad is a gynecologist in Cody.

Myers said, "When I interviewed with Dr. V I really liked that he had a very well-rounded practice. He does everything from infertility to extensive, minimally invasive surgery with robotic and laparoscopic surgery and vaginal surgery. And that was my goal in going to residency become a well-rounded, full spectrum gynecologist, and it felt like his practice was the practice I wanted to have, and so the mentorship was something I was very interested in and something he said he was willing to offer me."

Currently there are four gynecologists in Casper. K2radio news asked Dr. Sam Vigneri, one of the long-time OB/GYNs at the clinic, if it is ever overwhelming. He said, "Absolutely. We are overwhelmed. We need more gynecologists in town. We need more people who focus on women's healthcare primarily in Casper because Casper's still growing. There's a definite need, and if you look at the ratio of doctors to patients' population there's not enough of us, and so Brittany--luckily--helped filled that need."

"Wyoming Medical Center, at the time before Banner, helped facilitate bringing Brittany as well, so it was kind of a community wide-effort--it was a big effort--so we're lucky we got her."

Myers said she is happy to be a breath of fresh air for the other providers and help split up all the hard work that they've been doing over the last few years; "especially having so few providers I'm excited to help take some of the burden off of them to help serve the community."

One of her greatest assets, said Myers, is being a young female in her reproductive year, knowing how important it is to care for young women, but also women through their full life stage. And if that make a teenager feel more comfortable, "great"...if it's someone that's near her age and wants to talk about similar things that she's currently going through, "great," said Myers.

"And so, if a mom wanted to bring a daughter in when she had her first period, that would be a totally appropriate time to have a patient come in and just talk about body changes, to someone wanting birth control, to someone wanting to get pregnant, to someone going through hormonal changes."

Full age spectrum is something Women's Health Associates emphasizes as part of their practice: "all the unique life stages--every life stage has unique gynecological needs" said Myers.

She's fresh out of training, not burnt out, and full of enthusiasm. Her vision is building her patient population and learning what needs are in the community that aren't already being addressed.

"A lot of people don't know we do have advanced robotic surgery here. Many don't know all the things we can do with infertility, with conceptual counseling, contraception, hormone balance...we're on the cutting edge with what we do here with hormone treatments" said Vigneri.

Women's Health Associates was started in the Seventies by Doctor Scaling. They moved to their current location at 1125 East 2nd Street about twenty-five years ago.

Recently, Women's Health Associates bought the building that they are currently practicing in, which is a big deal. It was critical for them to purchase the building. Vigneri said, "We can have a baby out emergently in under five minutes from our location, labor and delivery is right there (he pointed to the entrance, visibly not far from the clinic)".

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