As a United States Marine Corps veteran, I can admit I've done (what most might call) some pretty stupid things to prove my "toughness". But at my most wild, I have never done anything like this.

A short, one minute video of a young Asian man (or teen) brushing his teeth using a toothbrush attached to a fully automatic, 9mm Glock 19 has been making it's rounds all over social media sites. I will say this guy was smart enough not to put the toothbrush anywhere near the barrel and it appears the pistol was loaded with some sort of blanks... but still!!! The blow-back alone should be killing his jaw muscles!!! And this isn't the only video he has up attempting this feat! He's done it with even bigger projectile weapons! I don't know whether this is considered hardcore or not, but I sure wouldn't try it.

*This particular model of Glock handgun is available in America, only in a semi-automatic form. So don't get any ideas about recreating this one fellas.*    

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