For this week's Throwback Thursday video, we take it to New Jersey for Naughty By Nature.

Emcee's Treach and Vin Rock, accompanied by DJ Kay Gee collectively made up the trio of Naughty By Nature. The group enjoyed much success in the 90's and basically pioneered the logo branding that is often very lucrative with clothing lines and Hip-Hop artist of this era (Wu-Wear, Roc-A-Wear, Sean John, Shady, G-Unit, Trukfit, etc.).

Naughty also were one of the first Hip-Hop groups to have a breakout crossover single. 'O.P.P.' was that single. The dope lyrics, catchy hook and Jackson 5 sample catapulted the group into super stardom which also opened up the doors for a pretty decent acting career for Treach and all kinds of production credits for Kay Gee.

Do you remember all 3 meanings of "O.P.P."?

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