Life seemed to be so much more fun back when I was a kid growing up in Casper, and to be honest I don't what happened. Is it because I'm an adult now and have actual responsibilities and a job? Or maybe it's because we no longer have some of my favorite places to go during the year.

1. Shadow Ops Laser Tag. I had such an awesome time going with my friends and spending a lot of my parents' money and a lot of time that was probably better spent doing school work or something.


2. TCBY: I'm sure a lot of you will remember this ice cream shop, but you may not have to same connection to it as I do. I used to love going in there and making the biggest thing of ice cream.

3. This one isn't so much a place as it was an event that took place every couple of weeks when Pokemon was a big deal. My family would find places where people would hold league type events where you come prepared with your best decks and battle for fun. Those were the good old days.

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