Cell phone safety month maybe over, but it's never too late to practice safe driving. There are a plethora of devices out to keep you connected while keeping your eyes on the road and here are the top 5 hands-free bluetooth devices according to cnet.com: Jawbone Era, Plantronics Voyager Pro, Motorola Finiti, BlueAnt Q2 and Jawbone Icon HD.

Depending on how much you want to spend, bluetooth handsets can now read and answer your text messages, connect to multiple devices and even play any music you may have stored on your mobile device. Which is why I have also included my un-official 6th device, the Motorola H17. The H17 is my personal favorite and works excellent with any Android device. It reads my texts (all you have to do is download the free app, Motospeak), allows me to verbally respond to them as well and reads and understands most text-speak (LOL, LMAO, BTW, etc.). It also plays my music and works with other music apps like RadioPup, GooglePlay, Pandora and Slacker Radio.