Sassy Justice with Fred Sassy is back with another hilarious President Trump parody, this time in the holiday spirit with just a few election day jokes. Okay, pretty much the entire video is an Election Day 2020 rework, but it's still funny.

Fred Sassy is once again in full deepfake, impersonating our 45th president. Fred Sassy himself is a deepfake. Both Trump and Fred Sassy are portrayed by English actor, Peter Serafinowicz, using some very convincing, computer generation techniques.

Since the first episode of Sassy Justice aired back in late October 2020, I must fully disclose that I was fooled by the deepfake technology. I assumed the YouTube channel was either using lookalikes or had somehow managed to get the real celebrities for cameos. I should have known better, since this entire production is brought to you by the same comedic minds that created South Park. According to both Wikipedia and IMDb (which is stands for the Internet Movie Database), Sassy Justice has a singular purpose:

Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to make this video to recoup their loss on a deep fake film they were planning to make that was scrapped due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

No matter their reasons, Sassy Justice is definitely funny and bound to be a hit. Just as long as people realize it's just a for fun.

The one thing I still don't understand is why the creators choose to use Cheyenne as their fictional base of operations. We may never know.

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