If you aren't convinced that the wolf presence in Yellowstone National Park is growing, you should see multiple recent videos that show up to 17 new pups in the Junction Butte Pack.

As Yellowstone Wolf documents and the park confirms, the Junction Butte wolf pack is the largest in the region. We're still a few months away from seeing the 2021 additions to Yellowstone's Junction Butte pack, but recent videos show the new pups from last spring.

This one shows multiple wolf pups coming for breakfast sometime in late August of last summer.

The Yellowstone Wolf website is a great resource for the different members of the packs. They show nearly 17 pups which still have not been tagged. It's no secret that the mortality among wolf pups is fairly high depending on the food sources and other predators. It appears most of the pups that were born to 3 different females according to the video share made it through the summer at least.

In a few months, we should see new videos and have up-to-date information about how many new wolves make up the pack and are on their way to adulthood. These videos were the most recent I've been able to find as of now.

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