As beautiful as the Wyoming scenery is, our state doesn't always get the recognition it deserves, which is probably a good thing as it helps to keep the population down, but occasionally it is nice to get some positive press, even if we aren't mentioned by name.

A recent listicle posted by travel and entertainment website, Thrillist, highlighted "The Most Magnificent Train Rides in the U.S." and a 5-day getaway in Yellowstone National Park was second on the list.

The Thrillist article had quite a few good options on it, but the Yellowstone National Park Getaway was my personal favorite, because even though the train ride starts (and finishes), in Salt Lake City, Utah, the actual trip (although not the actual train ride), takes you through a large portion of the Wyoming side of the park.

Thrillist states:

This five-day trip begins and ends in Salt Lake City, Utah, and takes you through mountains to untouched wilderness in the lower part of Yellowstone National Park. At Yellowstone, geysers and steam vents spew vapor into the icy air and you’ll see crowd-pleasers like Firehole Canyon, Isa Lake on the Continental Divide, and of course, Old Faithful. There are options for summer and winter months; the natural beauty is possibly even more impressive when covered in snow. With virtually no other tourists around, you’ll get to witness nature in its primordial glory and spot wildlife surviving the elements, like the wolves of Lamar Valley.

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The getaway costs $1269.00 per person, but your lodging is included in both Yellowstone and in Utah, it also includes the admission and sightseeing tour through the park and of course the roundtrip train ride.

Out of the fifteen different trips that were mentioned in the Thrillist article, the majority were on the west coast, with two being in the mountain states region (the other being our neighbors in Colorado).

If you can afford it and have the vacation time, it does sound like a fun trip. Considering I haven't been to Yellowstone in at least the last couple of decades, I am most definitely adding this getaway to my bucket list.

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