While Shetland Ponies are super cute, they are known to have REALLY bad attitudes.

Maybe they're trying to make up for their small stature with a BIG personality, but I bet many of you have a story about a Pony that was no fun to be around.

When I came across this video of Georgia titled "9 Year Old Georiga Vs. Crazy Alice" I knew it was going to be good.

Silly me though, I thought that "Crazy Alice" was going to get the best of Georgia.

I should have known better.

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Georgia is one heck of a cowgirl and with perfect form, she keeps her seat firmly in the saddle no matter what "Crazy Alice" throws her way.

Wasn't that fun to watch?

Georgia is obviously a fabulous rider.

If she's this great at the age of 9 can you imagine what she'll be doing in HS?

And can we take a moment to appreciate "Crazy Alice"?

First, she is definitely correctly named.

Second, she sure knows how to do her job...wow can that pony buck.


If you have a video of your kiddos having fun in the saddle, make sure you send them to us through the free My Country Mobile app.

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