This is a close encounter that is truly of the bear kind. A bow hunter just shared video of a black bear that came within yards of him. Fortunately, he lived to tell about it video included.

I believe this happened a couple months ago in Canada. The bow hunter estimates the black bear came within 10 yards of him. Watch her mannerisms as she hesitates to decide if she's gonna charge or flee.

Here's how the hunter described it on YouTube:

I was out mid-fall on a deer bow hunt when a black bear walked right on me. She got within 10 yards before she winded me and took off. This was the second time this happened that day and this time I knew I had to capture such a fun and breathtaking experience!

This guy is obviously an experienced outdoorsman who's seen his share of bears. I have no doubt he's better at reading a bear to decide if it's a threat or not. As I watched the bear hesitate, that seemed like there was a 50/50 chance that she would either bluff charge or run away. Fortunately for him, the bear chose the second option.

Again, not to second guess the guy, but I probably would have made some noises and/or started calmly talking to the bear before it was 10 yards away from me. Just glad this ended with no hunters or bears harmed.

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