Paragliding is becoming a very popular sport throughout the world, both on the recreational and competitive level. With all of the beautiful, open areas we have here in the Cowboy State, it's no surprise that the sport has caught on in Casper as well.

A short, 1-minute video was shared to Facebook by Stengel Media of a local paraglider taken by a racing drone. Along with the footage, they included a caption that stated:

Paraglider chase in Casper, WY 🚁
Thanks for inviting me out George Bob Hine, and thank you for trusting me to get as close as I wanted for the shot. 🎥😎

Type of paragliding demonstrated in the video is actually called powered paragliding, because the pilot utilizes a back-mounted motor (often referred to as a paramotor), which provides enough thrust to take off using a paraglider.

The official Stengel Media Facebook page is full of videos, ranging from drone videos for weddings, the 2020 Kelly Walsh high School graduation ceremony, to breathtaking aerial footage of places in and around Casper.

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