I have seen a lot of crazy wildlife encounters in my life, but I've never seen anything quite like this. A wild video shows a bear running wild through the streets of a city, chase a guy on a phone, get hit by a bus and then everyone ends up OK.

I believe this insane situation played itself out somewhere in Russia recently. I'll let the video description tell the story:

The bear runs through the streets. The footage shows that the man was talking on the phone and meets a bear. The man ran, but the beast did not lag behind. The bear was not frightened by the signals of the cars. When the victim ran out onto the road, the bear collided with the bus and the man was able to escape. Later, the bear was caught. The main thing is that everyone is alive and well.

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NOTE: you will not see anything graphic. The bear getting hit by the bus is not captured on video. You'll only see the guy on the phone who is eventually chased by the bear.

I thought I had seen everything. I probably still haven't, but this one checks a box I never expected to be able to check. I am amazed how nonchalant the guys were with a huge bear wondering around. I guess if you live in Russia, wild bears are the least of your worries.

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