Watching this video I get the impression that this bear ripped apart that kayak out of REVENGE!

What would you do if you were a bear and somebody was spraying bear spray in your face?

If you listen to the bear as he rips into the boat he seems to be cussing the lady out.

That's the impression I get anyway.

Watch the video below and you tell me what you think is going on.

First, the lady thanks to bear for leaving her kayak alone.

But then the bar keeps getting closer to her and she flat out tells the animal, in the sweetest possible voice, "I'm going to pepper spray you."

Well, can't say she didn't warn him.

HOLD ON! In the video below someone dubbed in the bear's voice. IT'S FUNNY!

The bear gets a face full of spray and lets out a noise that sounds like he just said "&$#@ LADY!"

She then tells the bear to go away.

The bear turns around, but you can tell he's up to something.

"NO!" she yells. "Get away from the Kayak."

Yeah, well, too late. The bear is PISSED and is about to get some revenge for that spray in the face.

At this point, the lady starts yelling "BEAR! BEAR! STOP! YOU'RE BREAKING MY KAYAK!"

I'm thinking that was the plan.


Here is the video with the bear's voice dubbed in.

I do feel sorry for the lady as she pleads with the bear to the point of tears.

But the bear keeps going.

Who's side are you on here?

The lady who is just trying to get the bear out of her yard because she knows it will do damage to something?

Or do you side with the bear who wants to rip apart her kayak?

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