Halloween is the season most associated with the giving away of candy, but it appears that the wildlife want in on the free goodies.

Recently (Tuesday, October 11th, 2022), YouTube channel, ViralHog, shared a video of black bear in Canton, Connecticut, that was caught on a Ring security camera helping itself to pumpkin left on a doorstep.

That caption for the video stated:

Bear took one small bite and walked away!

After numerous viewings of the 27-second video, it looks more like the bear took the entire pumpkin, unless the homeowners have addition footage they have yet to share.

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The video is cute and slightly funny, but it should serve as a reminder to be safe with our fall decorations, especially foodstuffs. Although this particular video didn't take place anywhere near Wyoming, we have plenty of wildlife, in all sizes, throughout the state, that would gladly do something similar.

I can personally speak from experience after a similar incident happened to me here at the station with a racoon the day after a work potluck.

Always remember: safety first, people!

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