There are those rare times in nature were the hunters actually become the hunted. This is one of those times.

An Instagram account called "yellowstonemontana" (operated by photographer, Jody Marler), posted a video earlier this month (July 2nd, 2022), which shows a group of bison chasing a grizzly bear away from their herd at the country's first national park.

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While I can't be 100% certain, this may have taken place around the same time (possibly the same day), as a bison funeral which also took place at Yellowstone National Park.

The video below was posted online around the same time as the one above. It was posted to the official "Wild Love Images - Julie Argyle Wildlife Photography #shootwithacamera" Facebook page, along with a detailed caption that read:

When a bison dies in Yellowstone, most of the time the herd that's in the area will come to pay their respects and surround the dead bison and protect it for hours. This was definitely the case the other day. As you can see in the video, Wolves tried to come in and were chased away several times and two grizzly bears also tried to come in. None of them were allowed to get close to the dead bison until hours after it happened. Nature has an incredible way in life and death.

One thing humans (to be more specific, tourists), should take away from this two videos is even apex predators like grizzly bears, wolves and coyotes are smart enough not to mess with the bison, especially in herds! If these animals that actually feed on bison know when they're outmatched, you would think these soft, fleshy tourists would get the message.

Apparently, they have not.

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