It's usually interesting to watch video blogs (or vlog) of tourists traveling through our beautiful state of Wyoming. This particular video shared a very interesting perspective.

I was recently made an aware of a video posted by a female traveler and YouTuber, by the name of Alexis Chateau.

Akexis is Black and had a unique experience during her travels through both Meeteetse and Cody, Wyoming.

Along with the five minute video of Alexis and her cat, Shadow's most recent Wyoming journey, she shared a caption that stated:

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Meeteetse, WY. It's a beautiful town. The sunsets and landscapes are stunning. Seeing a pig race in person for the first time was also good fun.

Sadly, when it comes to handling diversity, small-town Wyoming and the general Northwest WY seem to struggle. While no one was rude or aggressive, they seemed uncomfortable with me being there and that made ME uncomfortable.

Usually, you go to a small-town and people either hate you on sight or they're curious. This was neither of those instances. Some people just seemed genuinely confused about how to react.

The ranchers were more open and accommodating and Kevin's family was also very nice.

Would I go back to Meeteetse, WY? Absolutely. But, now I know what to expect when I do!

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As an African-American that was actually born in Wyoming, after being gone for twenty years, I did notice some sideways glances and uncomfortable glares when I first moved back to Casper in February 2020.

That being said, I think both the city and the state have made leaps in bounds in the racial diversity area in the last two decades. When I travel to some of the less metropolitan areas in Wyoming, yes, there are still some "interesting" glances, I have never felt like I was in any danger or picked up on any overly racist vibes.

In my opinion, I'd say her assessment was both honest and informative, especially to people of color that may be thinking about traveling to our wonderful state.

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