We always love it when Casper residents get featured national and internationally. This was the case earlier today (July 24th, 2020), when Nevaeh Christensen got to join the Bob's Burgers Comic Con@Home 2020 video conference call.

The 13-year old's question comes in late in the video at the 42.10 second mark. Neveah aimed her question at all of the cast and crew of Bob's Burgers. Her question:

What happened to Mr. Fischoeder's (pronounced Fish-odor) eye?

The show's writer and creator, Loren Bouchard, fielded the question first by stating that they've never really said straight out, but that it had been referenced in an episode (see his response above at the 43.09 second mark).

I've personally been a fan of Bob's Burgers since I found out the lead voice actor for my favorite animated television show Archer, H. Jon Benjamin, was also the voice of Bob Belcher.

While we're speaking of Comic Con, the 2nd annual Casper Comic Con takes place for day number 1, starting tomorrow. Get the full details here.

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