After just under two weeks of living on their 14 million dollar ranch in Cody, Wyoming, the Kardashian/West clan has already got themselves in a bit of trouble with law enforcement after Kim posted a video to her Instagram account of the family chasing pronghorn on an ATV.

The video shows Kanye driving and following some antelope. According to TMZ, although the family was not given a citation, they were verbally warned about harassing the wildlife by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

In the above video (which Kim has since removed from her official Instagram account), you can clearly hear her scolding Kanye, by screaming:

You're scaring them!

While the family wasn't fined this time, the citation for harassing wildlife is $435. That's not a huge amount to Kanye, who was recently confirmed to be the highest paid rapper of 2019, but it can be considered a federal crime.

The West/Kardashian family seem to be enjoying their time in Wyoming, as Kim has been posting several videos and photos to her social media accounts over the past few weeks.

In other Kanye news, he recently announced during his weekly Sunday Service that he's dropping his latest album, titled "Jesus Is King", on September 27th, 2019.

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