As you watch the video below you'll wonder how nobody was hurt.

Centennial Air Park, near Denver Colorado, two planes collide in mid-air. One had its back ripped open. The other lost its landing gear.

Amazingly, and thanks to great piloting and technology, there were no injuries.

Midair collisions are extraordinarily rare. Such great precautions are taken that more collisions between planes actually take place on the ground and are minor annoyances.

The smaller plane, known as a Cirrus SR22, was caring for two people. The Metro liner was just carrying one pilot. The metro pilot was able to land despite the damage to his plane.

The two planes were approaching to land at the same time on parallel runways. Those types of landings happen all day, all over the world. It is said that one plane overshot its final approach. Yet the cause of the midair, or maybe who made a mistake, is not yet known.

Here is a photo of the Cirrus SR22. Its back is broken after its hard belly landing. The video of that landing is below.

SR22 YouTube Screen Grab
SR22 YouTube Screen Grab

Here is the Metro Liner after the pilot expertly landed at the airport. It is a good thing that he did not have any passengers on board. No one could have survived sitting back there.

Metroliner Jet YouTube screen grab
Metroliner Jet YouTube screen grab

The SR22 is equipped with a parachute that will open if the pilot pulls the release or it will auto-deploy if there is an emergency and the pilot is incapacitated. Below is the video of that plane coming down in a field.

You can watch a video of the SR22 coming down in the video below.

BONUS VIDEO - with audio from traffic controllers and other pilots in the area.

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