I have seen some pretty talented children in my day, from musical talents to superior sports skills. This is one falls into the latter category.

A new video posted to Twitter by CCTV_IDIOTS showcases a little girl that can't be more than 7-years-old (and that's being generous, she looks about 5), pulling off a perfect backflip on what appears to be Power Wheels 4-wheeler.

When I first started watching the video, I expected it to be a fail. I was expecting anything, except for what happened. Then my parental skills kicked in and I wondered what her parents did to prepare her for that. I wouldn't let any of my children try that at that age. You'd think it would have take a lot of failures before executing that maneuver and I'd be terrified the 4-wheeler what crush her on a fail.

Then again, like I said before, some people just have natural talent. I've watched the video several times. The adding of the Enya song, Only Time, makes it that much more epic.

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