Have you ever wondered how often Wyoming has been mentioned in songs? Whether it be in the song's title or in the lyrics, I just had to know.

Being born in Wyoming, but having been raised in bigger, more metropolitan areas, it was hard trying to explain where I was from. There weren't (and still aren't) that many video games that feature the Cowboy State. They weren't that many songs either. The few that I knew about where all country music. I will say Wyoming is getting more exposure on television and movie screen though.

Regardless, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to Google how many songs had Wyoming in the title or the lyrics. I was shocked at the answer.

There's a website called Lyrics.com that allows you to search music by just about anyway you can think possible, from keywords to genres. Much to my delight and surprise, there are 102 songs that include the word "Wyoming". Even more surprising to me was finding out they aren't all in the Country music genre. There are actually 4 relatively recent Hip-Hop songs out of that number.

Here are just few of the standout songs. The first two have Wyoming in their respective titles. The other two were just mentions in the lyrics.

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