So I had to get some blood drawn yesterday and asked if the "vein pincher offer thingy, ya know that rubber band deal will work through my sweater?".  I got a "you mean the tourniquet?" response from the tech (I know, phlebotomist!) and we both laughed.  At least she had a good sense of humor about it so I dubbed her the day's "master stabber" after she struck blood on her first try and went on about my day!

Anyway, this got me to thinking...I never have known what that stinkin' thing is called.  I wonder what are some other weird names for everyday things?  Enter the following video!

I know one that's not on the video (thanks to my 13 year old!)...Weenis!  DId you know what a Weenis was before you just Googled it?  Do you know any other weird names for everyday things?  Comment below!