Here is but another reason to be glad you live in Wyoming. We are nowhere near being on the list of the states with the most violent crimes. Not only that, we are not even located near any of them either. Shockingly, states like New York, California and Michigan did not make the list. At any rate, some of these may come as a surprise.

  1. Tennessee
  2. Nevada
  3. Alaska
  4. New Mexico
  5. South Carolina
  6. Delaware
  7. Louisiana
  8. Florida
  9. Maryland
  10. Oklahoma

This particular list came from a FBI compilation of statistics for rape, robbery, murder and aggravated assault. In high-poverty low-income states, violent crimes are more likely to occur in general. That’s something the violent states on this list have in common, sans Alaska, who made the list due to their high incidence of rape. Statistically speaking, Wyoming tends fall within the mid 30's range (33-37 over the last 5 years).

It's nice to be on the "safer" end of this list.