Last week I asked a question about what we all miss about being a kid here in Casper no surprise that there are a lot of things that we all miss about this town from when we were kids.

I've compiled a list of some of the ones that struck a chord with me since I have been here my whole entire life. Kimberly Ellis spoke to the child in all of us when she brought up everyone's favorite game store at the mall. Aladdin's Castle. Kids now days will never know how much fun it was to go "shopping" with mom and dad and spend hours playing the stand-up arcade games.

A big one on the list was the simple truth of not having to get up every day and be an adult. We all know the struggle when Sunday night finally arrives and we know we have to go to work and be productive adults for another 5 days.

Xavier Kientz really did bring me back to being a child when he said he missed the big metal slide in Washington Park in town. It does bring up painful memories from the summer season of having burn marks on the backs of your legs when that slide turned into

Jess Dudley brought up a good point saying that we are severely lacking in drive diners. If you grew up in Casper or you were lucky enough to be around when the A&W was around, then consider yourself lucky. That place was hands down the best drive in.

The last one that stood out to me was Emily Green saying that she misses having her mother cook her dinner every single night. I could not agree with this more. Now a day's it requires so much planning to get the family together to enjoy some of mom's homemade favorites from childhood.

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