Cute little cowboys and cowgirls always make me feel good inside. Even more so when there's authenticism in it, which is to say, it's not just dressing up for the camera, it's a true, deep-seated love. Thus is the case with young Hudson.

A new video posted by ViralHog shows Hudson displaying his cowboy skills. First, he shows off wrestling skills with a pretty awesome take down (you can see he actually gets airborne). Next, he shows off his roping skills, which at that age, completely amazed me.

The video took place in Weatherford, Texas. Hudson's parents stated that he's been handling a rope and steer wrestling since he was 10 months old! They also stated:

It just comes natural and he loves it! He is a huge animal lover. Since he could walk and swing a rope people have stopped us for pictures and videos. He is a true entertainer.

Considering Hudson is already this good now, there's no telling what he'll be able to do by the time he's old to participate professionally.

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