The conversation started harmlessly enough.

I was looking at a 1.5 million dollar home for sale near the base of Casper Mountain and commented out loud to my co-host Drew how much I liked the mudroom.

He rolled his eyes and said, "Forget the mudroom. What does the garage look like?"

This prompted a loooonnnggg conversation about what rooms of the house matter to us the most.

For me, it's the kitchen and the main living area. As a mom with five kids, I spend most of my time in the kitchen, and so do the kids.

The number of bedrooms is important to me, but not so much the size, because we don't spend much time in our bedrooms.

Drew was more focused on the garage and outbuildings. A large heated and insulated shop/garage is a must for him.

We thought it would be fun to see what rooms other Wyomingites look at first when buying a new home, and it was fascinating to read all of your answers.

What Do Casperites Look At First When Buying a Home?

We asked our listeners on our Facebook page "When When buying a home what’s the most important room for you?" #dealbreakers #isitthekitchen And below are a few of the most popular answers.

I thought it was REALLY smart that several listeners mentioned the driveway was something they look at.

The kitchen was one of the most popular rooms to look at at first, but what details they paid attention to varied. Some listeners were all about the countertops, while others were concerned with the cabinets and storage space.

You can find all the comments our listeners left below if you want to see them.

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