On this day 12 years ago, I was working a regular nine to five in Flint, Michigan while still serving as a reservist in the United States Marine Corps. Not being one to watch the news, as I got to work my boss and co-workers were shocked I had even come in. And then, I saw the replay on the national news.

NYC's "Tribute In Light", Getty Images

Having spent some time in New York City, it really hurt my soul to actually see the events transpire in front of my eyes. It was taken a step further though when the news of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon came in. The Pentagon had been (part) of my last duty station of active service. The plane had actually hit on the USMC/Navy side of the building and I found out a few days later 3 of my close friends perished in the aftermath.

DJ Nyke, MCRD San Diego
Townsquare Media

Although I was never called back into active duty, I took that week off and promptly went home to pack my military articles, in case I was re-activated.

Let us always remember those all the heroes that lost their lives that fateful day, as well as all those that helped with the evacuation efforts or gave any other type of support. The American Dream lives on.

What were you doing that day?