Despite what you saw in so many Hollywood movies about the old west, the truth is the the old west was not that wild and those gunfights happened far less than most people imagine.

There was one time where Wild Bill Hickok did meet a man in the center of town for a quick draw duel over Bill's honor, in relation to his favorite watch that he lost in a poker game. But that standoff at high noon happened only a hand full of times.

In the video below you see that most western towns were rather quiet. Trouble of any sort was rare. When pistols were drawn, it was usually inside, people were drunk, and it all ended in the blink of an eye.

Sorry to ruin your romantic image.

Even the old Hollywood image of the cowboy stepping up to the bar and ordering a whisky or a beer was rare. Drinks like that were hard to get in old west saloons. Most drinks were made out of what was available in the area.

The drinks served in many of the saloons "was some pretty wicked stuff made with raw alcohol, burnt sugar, and a little chewing tobacco. No wonder it took on such names as Tanglefoot, Forty-Rod, Tarantula Juice, Taos Lightning, Red Eye, and Coffin Varnish."

But back to those gunfights. The video below will show you a more accurate picture of what really happened.

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