Wyoming's state legislature is clearing the way for tougher DUI laws during this years session.

A bill to force suspected drunk drivers to submit to a breath, blood or urine  test for alcohol cleared a legislative committee 5-4 Monday.

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If this bill is passed into law - any suspected DUI offender would lose their right to refuse chemical tests from officers.  According to the article from the Star-Tribune - this bill is targeted at curbing actions of repeat offenders.

Is this law (if passed) really going to protect Wyoming citizens by reducing the threat of someone being involved in a drug or alcohol related accident?  Or should this legislative session focus more on the creation of alcohol related education programs?   Or should the state representatives promote other safe alternatives,  like Casper's "Tipsy Taxi which is privately funded?

In your opinion - Do tougher DUI laws work?  Do you think this is a - Good law or Bad law?   Give us your thoughts on this proposed new bill.