Move over Champagne and Chocolate, there is a new Fountain King in town!  Please join me in welcoming to the stage - the Gravy Fountain!

Kentucky Fried Chicken, the same folks who brought us the delicious and spicy Nashville Hot Chicken may have just out done themselves.  KFC has just unveiled their new double dipping delight - the Gravy Fountain at locations across the United Kingdom.  (Lucky Brit's!)

But seriously, how come someone hasn't done this in Wyoming already?  With as much gravy as we consume in this state, you'd think this would be a 'no brainer'!

KFC has commented that if this new idea sells well in it's limited release that it could quickly be rolled out to all their locations in the UK and even into Western Europe.  But unfortunately not scheduled for release in the USA.

If you're thinking to yourself - Dang it!  I really want a gravy fountain of my very own!!  I've got a redneck solution.  Judging by shear speculation, the fountain in the KFC promo photo looks suspiciously similar to a chocolate fountain sold online and in stores for about $25 bucks at retailers like and Walmart.  So my thought is to purchase a chocolate fountain and then head over to KFC and purchase a bucket load of gravy!  (Don't bother trying this with Boston Market gravy, your guests will know the difference! LOL)

If you do try my redneck solution, please take a few pictures and send them our way so we can drool over them.  And if you really want to earn some points with family, guests or Radio DJ's?  Fill the fountain with cream gravy and serve it with fresh homemade biscuits!!  Just saying!!

Source: Twitter