I've always thought I could live in a tiny house and be extremely happy.

The tiny house movement began back in the 1970's and became really mainstream over the last few years with the help of the HGTV series, 'Tiny House Big Living', the NETFLIX series 'Tiny House Nation' and MANY other.

Since tiny houses are on wheels, they are sometimes compared to RV's and like an RV, the cost of a tiny house is somewhere between $20k-$50k. Of course you will need land to put the tiny home on if you're planning on living in it and that could drive the price up.

Story, Wyoming is a small community in Sheridan County at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. Living in that type of community will make the price of a Tiny House go up quite a bit,  because of the land and views.

Story Wyoming Map
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There is a Tiny House for sale on Realtor.com that is listed at $150,000. That includes the tiny home and about 1/3 of an acre. The property is in a wooded lot with a creek that runs through it, so it will give you rustic surroundings. In an area like that, that would be a perfect place to rent it as an Aribnb when you're not using it.

If you were going to use this as your primary residence, it may take some time to get used to. If you were just going to use is as your 'getaway home' it would be a perfect place to relax and enjoy.

Wyoming Tiny House For Sale For $150k

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